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About Spurling Properties

    Established in 1981, Spurling Properties is a private, family owned and operated real estate development and property management company. We are a major player in the development of office, retail, residential, and industrial properties in the Evansville, Indiana market.  With over one million square feet of rental space, we can offer a wide range of commercial locations.  Currently, we have over 200 commercial tenants and over 1000 residential customers.  We also own many prime commercial sites that are ready for development, and we have the financial backing to purchase and develop any other location.

    We are a full service development and property management company.  We can design, build, lease, and manage your business facility with one convenient, reliable point of contact.  All construction is handled by our own full service construction department, giving us complete control over the construction schedule and the quality of work.  

    For over thirty five years, we have provided our client's with high quality facilities that meet their needs in the time promised.


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